you are variations [version 01/02]

in the frame of: wiir sii d'Beim
State of the Art – Science and Art in Practicee

drawing workshop and installation, together with 25 children from primary school Leuk-Susten, Vallais, C Nature Park Pfyn-Finges, Salgesch, CH; April 27 2015
Schule, Leuk, CH; April 27 - April 30 2015 Sosta, Leuk, CH; May 1 2015


April 28 - 30 2015, primary school Leuk-Susten, Vallais, CH

April 27 2015, Nature Park Pfyn-Finges, Vallais, CH

installation and performance views
May 1 2015, Sosta, Leuk, Vallais, CH

general rehearsal and performance (excerpt)
May 1, Sosta, Leuk, Vallais, CH

rehearsals with Dieter Buchwalder and Francis Petter (excerpt)
April 28 -30, primary school Leuk-Susten, Vallais, CH

drawings (slideshow)
April 27 -May 1, primary school Leuk-Susten and Sosta, Leuk, Vallais, CH

you are variations 01/02, April 2015

audio video documentation:
October 18 2014, Vondelkerk, Amsterdam NL (4 extracts)

on-line version on vimeo
on-line version on youtube: spring, summer, autumn, winter,

notes on 'you are variations'

with an essay by Dr Harriet Hawkins,
lecturer in Geography, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK