'twilight' is an open series of public services held just before sunrise at twilight.
In this series of performances all elements that constitute the ceremony are gathered live from the actual surrounding:
the time, the location, and the various specific, contextual aspects of the site for which the 'twilight services' are conceived for,
and in which they are held in:

- a selection of real-time sound from the surrounding
- acoustic contributions from speakers, singers, musicians, and instruments connected to the site
- the sun that rises during this specific time frame
- a selection of real-time images from the actual surrounding
- plants growing, and animals living at the site
- the people connected to the site

'twilight services' are created and grow in close cooperation with the actual environment and its' people,
and are based on the attempt to enable experiences that are open to the unexpected, the unpretentious, and the unknown.

twilight service

Sunday, June 28th 2009
04:30h – 05:30h in the morning
Jeruzalemchurch, Jan Maijenplein, Amsterdam

Just before sunrise a 'twilight service' starts in the Jeruzalemchurch,
in the light of undesirable plants in the church garden.

Annet Bult
Christina Della Giustina
Wietske Maas

Maritta van Woudenberg

chorus Jeruzalemchurch

Hans Jutte

Bas van der Graaf



The 'twilight service' in the Jerusalemchurch in Amsterdam, which starts June 28th just before sunrise,
is dedicated to the recently removed plants from the church garden:

the undesirable plants, the so-called weeds.

All elements that construct this service come forward from the actual surrounding in- and around the Jerusalemchurch:
- the real-time sound that can be heard every new day outside the church on the square just before sunrise;
- the church choir that takes the actual soundscape over, merging into a song, in which every strophe asks attention for one unwanted plant from the garden;
- the organ, which fills the dawn with volume;
- the drink distilled from the removed plants, which is offered at the end of the concert to all participants and drunk together;
- and the sun that rises during this approximately one hour ceremony.

With the twilight ceremony, which has come about in close cooperation with the congregation of the Jerusalemchurch,
we attempt to enable an experience that is open for the unpretentious, the undervalued, and the unknown.

2009 Annet Bult, Christina Della Giustina, Wietske Maas, and Foamlab

‘twilight service’ was supported by JuniKunstMaand 09, the Municipality De Baarsjes, and the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

with thanks to:
Marritta van Woudenberg, Jantine Veenhof, Tirza van der Graaf, Nanny Roed Lauridsen, Hans Jutte, and Bas van der Graaf

‘twilight service’

choir [audio]

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