tree studies

- tree study I [_fog]
sound: electronic composition for 6 audio channels, Aliona Yurtsevich
video: Christina Della Giustina
4'59", 2007

To generate the audio pieces the image of a bare tree was digitized and computer analyzed.
Taking multi-dimensionality into account and approaching the tree from diverse angles different parameters
are used: vertical (pitch) and horizontal (time, sound) to create the sound composition.
The result is a humming, sustaining sound field, functioning as a double pedal tone in high and low registers:
the sound of the analysed tree branches springing through the acoustics of the room, using a 6 channel audio system.
The video tree / study I [_fog] is a synchronous, superimposed zoom-in [positive] and zoom-out [negative]
of the place where the branches of two trees meet.

- tree study II [_storm]
music: composition for 6 pianos and 6 stereo channel speakers, Aliona Yurtsevich
video: Christina Della Giustina
6 03, 2007

The composition tree / study II is a musical reflection on the physical movement of the branches of a tree.
The swinging motion is depicted in the piano motives and melodies, and complemented by the spatial
sound distribution of a 6 stereo channel speaker system.
The video tree / study II [_storm] follows in diverse speeds the ongoing inclinations of a tree in heavy storm.
While observing a seemingly natural synchronicity between the movement of the branches and the swinging sounds
of the piano, after some time the suggestion might arise that the moving branches are actually involved in triggering
or even producing the sound.

- tree study I [_fog]
- tree study II [_storm]

- installation views 'notturni di_versi: punti luce', Portogruaro, Venice, Italy