the soaring garden

Chaconne for organ

cd, 13'27", 2006

dedicated to Brigitte Mayer

isolated chords          short variations              toccata         chorale                                                 garden

timing: ~ 02' 00"      isolated capsules of chords
at liberty involving a recurrent bass line

  ~ 02' 00" repeated short variations and progressions of the capsules of chords
indicating their presence in each growing root
while the bass line, as well as the chords involved,
may not always be present in exactly the same manner,
the general outlines remain recognizable

  ~ 01' 00" toccata di durezza e ligature
as in touching branches and leafs, a continuous kaleidoscope of sounds
in both major and minor modes

  ~ 01' 30" chorale of flowers
on the highest possible dynamics

  ~ 01' 30" all sounds of the chorale,
changing in shape and volume,
fade out into silence

  ~ 05' 00" dissolving the chorale slowly and consciously
the path leads to the garden: Jehan Alain, le jardin suspendu

duration: ~ 13' 36"

dynamics:   wavelike progressing dynamics until to the middle of the piece
when another level is reached on which the sounds start floating

variables:   isolated chords
changes in shape and volume

description:   The soaring garden consists of a few, sparse, long-sustained chords,
played isolated into the open,
resonating with new chords,
progressively creating a faint halo,
on which the sounds start to float and dance.

playing style:   veiled timbres,
progressively slow, serene, tender, and highly personal,
with fluent ethereal textures,
inspired by thoughts of being alone in an enclosed yard,
with a garden as one's dancing ground,
growing towards the freedom to dance

music:   improvisation
Jehan Alain, le jardin suspendu

performer:   Henk Verhoef

recording:   Nanny Lauridsen

first performance:   Oosterkerk, Amsterdam, NL
November 05 2006, between 16:00 - 17:00 h

audio:   the soaring garden

installation views:   Oosterkerk, Amsterdam, NL