‘pipe | pipe’

video installation [triptych] for three windows

dv pal, 40’ 27”, mute

Gasthuisgemeente Church, Amsterdam, NL
September 11 – Oktober 11 2009

‘this is not a pipe’


live contact microphones and stethoscope, pre-recorded audio, water
40’ 27”

Gasthuisgemeente Church, Amsterdam, NL
Oktober 11 2009

The works ‘pipe | pipe’, and ‘this is not a pipe’, focus on visible and invisible phases of urban water cycles.

Annually about 130 million cubic meters of waste- and rainwater flow through the sewage of Amsterdam.
The video-triptych ‘pipe | pipe’ and the performance ‘this is not a pipe’, show in a documentary, graphical, and acoustically way how waste-, rain-, and drink water courses the sewage system of the city and the body, and at the end of the purification process is discharged into the surface water.

For ‘blind spots’, a participatory exhibition of art in public space, taking place from September 11 until October 11 2009 in and around the wg-terrain in Amsterdam, NL, the video installation ‘pipe | pipe’ is shown in the Gasthuisgemeente Church every night from 7 pm – 7 am as a triptych, a mute, synchronized, single channel video installation for 3 monitors.

‘this is not a pipe’ is the live performance of one possible audio track for ‘pipe | pipe’ using two contact microphones, a stethoscope, prerecorded audio, and water. ‘this is not a pipe’ is held in the Gasthuisgemeente Church on October 11 2009, and has the same duration as the video triptych.

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installation views 01
installation views 02

video triptych