ij project

ij light | ij sound
interactive light- and sound installation [in process]

the project 'ij light | ij sound', to be realized in public space at the 'IJ' in Amsterdam, consists of three corresponding parts:

'ij light'

the interactive light environment 'ij light' interacts in real-time with the movements of the water, and with sounds audible under the water of the 'IJ': a light field that re-states the water's real-time motion in a plain visual language. The real-time communication between chosen measuring data from Rijkswaterstaat [Ministery of Water], an underwater microphone at location [hydrophone], and the light computer, enables a local real-time interaction between water and light.
'ij sound'

the real-time sound environment 'ij sound' creates an acoustic opening to the surrounding water that sets a defined sound-scape under the surface of the water of the 'IJ': inside this 'cloud of underwater sounds' one hears the real-time underwater sounds of the 'IJ', the very sounds that at the same moment control the amount of light in the interactive light environment 'ij light'.
'ij project info-board'

the 'ij project info-board' informs in real-time about the real-time data communication of the 'ij project' on 3 monitors.

I use the same real-time data for all three parts of the ij project. In this way a synchronous observation and comparison of the real-time water data becomes possible:

the 'ij project' is a collaborative project between:

audio video simulation [model]