Guangzhou report

'oog in oog'
Rons Photo Bar, punt WG, Amasterdam, NL
November 2006

9 series / 360 photographs from Guangzhou, CR
June 2005

Rons Photo Bar, a recurrent event within punt WG, is an initiative by photographer Ron Zijlstra.
Ron curates six times a year presentations of photographs that were made for and during the working process
of diverse artists. The photographs are sketches in service of the artistic process.
For the first presentation Ron invites Pauline Wiertz and Christina Della Giustina to select photographs
from their archives and to present them.

The initiative punt WG is a new platform for artistic research in Amsterdam,
an initiative without predetermined themes, disciplines and commercial interests.
The exhibitions at punt WG form the base for related events such as readings, discussions, performances, concerts, etc.:
a dynamic platform with the exclusive aim to stimulate interaction between people, neighborhood and city.

installation views