tree [vol. 06]

surround audio-video installation

Kunstcentrum Bergen N-H, NL
May - June 2010

‘tree [vol. 06]‘ shows the spacial distribution of tree sap streams:
- vertically from bottom to top the sound of streaming water and soluble mineral nutrients
  carried by the xylem from roots to leaves
- vertically from top to bottom the sound of wandering organic nutrients (known as photosynthate),
  generated in the leaves and carried by the phloem from the leaves to all parts of the plant.

Using a 5.1. surround system vertically the geometry and anatomy, as well as the physiology of the xylem and phloem tissues are conducting the entire installation.
We therefore are collaborating with the department of Applied Plant Research (PPO) of the University Wageningen, NL.
With the help of Dr. ir. M.P.M. (Ria) Derkx we collected a small paper with decisive scientific facts and insights guiding this research. Thanks to Ria the paper is available for download [Dutch version]:

Architectuur, geometrie en transportstromen binnen een boom [pdf]

audio-video documentation [stereo] Kunstcentrum Bergen N-H, NL; May - June 2010
audio-photo documentation [stereo] Kunstcentrum Bergen N-H, NL; May - June 2010
installation views [photographs] Kunstcentrum Bergen N-H, NL; May - June 2010

brief description of this series of 'tree [vol. ...]' research projects