tree [vol. 02]

live audio-video installation

'tree [vol. 02]' is one of the research projects in building small programming environments
with which it becomes possible to listen to tiny environmental sounds of the immediate surrounding:
in the oratory of San Lorenzo in Rivai, Italy, through a stethoscope placed under the bark of a tree
that registers the fluids running through the stem of the tree, and a light sensor laying next to it
to control the volume of the received sound, while a live camera transmits the inverted real-time image
of the hole in the tree where the sound is gathered from.
The resulting sound of the white beech can be heard in the oratory of San Lorenzo in Rivai, Italy,

A residential five-day workshop in the context of the xmedk-series, organized by nadine and tutored by apo33.
Participants build dedicated linux computers and install the necessary software in order to develop specific artistic projects.
x-med-k is a hybrid series of experimental media workshops for artists organized since 2004 by FoAM, okno and nadine,
with the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF).

audio documentation Oratorio San Lorenzo, Rivai, Venice, Italy, August 2007
installation views Oratorio San Lorenzo, Rivai Venice, Italy, August 2007

brief description of this series of 'tree [vol. ...]' research projects

organization:   Nadine, Brussels
tutorial:   apo33
location:   Oratorio San Lorenzo, Rivai, Venice, Italy